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The Mosaic Rug

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Stone Textile Studio x Fayette Studio

“Getting to collaborate with Fayette Studio has been such a wonderful experience. Traditionally, I see my patterns on a wall, in the form of wallpaper, so transitioning them to a floor format was a really interesting challenge. Kyra was so helpful in guiding us through the process of how working with rugs is uniquely different from any other product medium - making the collaboration a fun new endeavor. Seeing these patterns that I’ve had in my portfolio for so long in a completely different way really brought such a new life to them!”
- Elizabeth Mollen, Stone Textile Studio

“I’ve always been a fan of Elizabeth’s designs and Stone Textile Studio, so I jumped at the opportunity to be able to collaborate and work with her stunning graphics bringing them into the rug space. We are thrilled with how this collection turned out and can’t wait to see how our network of interior designers customize Elizabeth’s designs and incorporate them into their projects!”
- Kyra Schulhof, Fayette Studio

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